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Fedora Account System

The Fedora Account System maintains accounts for all Fedora Project contributors. It powers many of the authentication and authorization mechanisms for Fedora Project tools, including CVS and Bugzilla.

More information about this system is available on the Fedora Project wiki's AccountSystem page.

Setting Up Your Account

Apply for a New Account

Filling out this form is the first step you should take. It will ask for basic account information that is needed to provide you with the services you require. You will need to know your GPG key ID, and you will need to upload your SSH public key. See the Fedora Project wiki's Cryptography page for more information about GPG and SSH.

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Request the Contributor License Agreement

After applying for a new account, you should request the Fedora Contributor License Agreement. You must use your GPG key to sign and return the CLA before submitting contributions to the Fedora Project.

Do not click on this link more than once! A new, unique CLA form is generated for you every time you click the link, invalidating old versions of the form that you may have received previously.

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Edit Your Account

You can update your account details and change your group memberships at any time. You should always apply for membership in the groups you contribute to. See the individual project pages for details about what groups you should apply for.

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Download a client-side certificate

For CVS access, you will need to download a client-side certificate for use in authenticating to the Fedora CVS file uploader. Place the file in '~/.fedora.cert', where the Fedora CVS configuration will look for it by default.

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Other Actions

Administrators & Sponsors

These actions are for group administrators and sponsors.

Sponsors: To approve a new membership, you should go to 'Edit Groups' and select the appropriate group.

Getting Help

For more help with the account system, including how to contact the administrators, see the Fedora Project wiki's AccountSystem page.



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